Wine Cellar
Wine Display Units

For over 15 years, Somerville has partnered with Koldtech to supply and install a variety of wine display showcases to leading hotels and restaurants across Asia Pacific.

General Features

Our wine chillers are carefully engineered to assure that the costly wines are stored at the correct humidity and temperature. All our units can be set to have temperature suitable for Whites, red or champagne. 1 unit can also have triple compartments with temperatures suitable for different types of wine. Humidity level is configured into the system to preserve the cork and bottle label from deterioration. Our system can be self contained or remote in order to cut down on compressor noises. All our wine chillers are designed in conjunction with Interior Designers in order to maximize the “wow” effect of your premise.

Each unit is customized according to our customer’s requirement and design intent

Types Of Wine Chillers

  • 1)Wine room
  • 2)Wine Wall
  • 3)Upright Wine Chiller
  • 4)Wine dispensing unit

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