Theatre Cooking Line


“Pre-cise’s theatre cooking line allow customers to create their own Cooking Block with different combinations of Gas, Electric and Induction cooking equipment. This unique modularity offers a revolutionary new system for Demo and Front-of-House Show Kitchens.

Customers have the option to choose between 4 colour choices for the exterior body of the unit. Different models are avaliable, please make your enquiry today!”

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descriptionmodeldimensionscapacity / powervoltage / electric
Electric Steamer PES-1-G+RRT-1 800x800x(850+100) 27 KW 400/50/3+
Single Gas Wok PGW-1-G 800x800x(850+100) 14 KW 400/50/3+
double Gas Wok PGW-2-S 1600x800x(850+100) 28 KW 400/50/3+
Spreader Top Drawer Cabinet PDC-40-E 400x800x(850+100) - 400/50/3+