Stock Pot Stove


“Soup: holistic wellness for the mind and body.
Soup is a deep-rooted and endeared Chinese food tradition. Chinese soup are made using fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish and a variety of herbs with health enhancing benefits. These benefits range from detoxification, nourishment of vital organs, anti-aging, immune boaster to reduction of blood sugar and blood pressure.

The Chinese believe that soup is best made when simmered over slow fire. Such cooking method allows the essence and nutrients of the food products to be released and absorbed in the soup.

Flame Mate’s Low Stock Pot is construced with 304 grade stainless steel. Perfect for cooking your Chinese Soup.

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descriptionmodeldimensionscapacity / powervoltage / electric
Gas operated single stock pot stove SPS-1-14F ( S ) 600x760x500+200 24 KW -+
Gas operated double stock pot stove SPS-2-14F ( S ) 1200x760x500+200 24 x 2 KW -+