Rear Engine Units


“An unique and innovative refrigeration technology that has completely different features than traditional refrigeration. Adande offers end users:
1)    Flexible temperature: the unit can be set anywhere from -20 to +15. You can store your entire menu in these units and cater to any seasonal menu changes without changing your kitchen operation. The unit can become a chiller, freezer or blast chiller (optional) at a switch of a button.
2)    Reduced energy : 40-60% less electricity used when compare to traditional fridges.
3)    Lower maintenance cost: Up to 40% savings. Less spare parts, easier to clean.
4)    Temperature stability: longer shelf life, high quality of food. Extensive R&D has been done by KFC UK to prove that even during peak hours, the temperature of Adande fridges are stable. (temperature fluctuation in traditional fridges around 20-40%). The compressor compartment is on the back for VCR series”

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descriptionmodeldimensionscapacity / powervoltage / electric
Single Drawer Refrigerated Unit VCR1 878 x 885 x 457-624 4 x 1/1 GN (100mm deep) 220/50/1+
2 Drawer Refrigerated Unit VCR2 878 x 885 x 846-943 8 x 1/1 GN (100mm deep) 220/50/1+
3 Drawer Refrigerated Unit VCR3 878 x 885 x 1289-1298 12 x 1/1 GN (100mm deep) 220/50/1+