Quick Freezer


The QF series allows for small-scale fast freezing on premises. Quick freezing locks in the moisture, shape and freshness of your food items allowing operators to serve higher quality food to your customers. This series is a favourite of Swensen’s Ice Cream Restaurant across South East Asia. Exterior is of 304 No.4 stainless steel finish and interior is of 304 2B grade stainless steel finish.

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Manufacturer’s website: http://www.koldtech-welbilt.com/
descriptionmodeldimensionscapacity / powervoltage / electric
1 Door Upright Quick Freezer QF21 680x880x2095 18 Cu Ft 220/50/1+
2 Door Upright Quick Freezer QF46 1140x880x2095 40 Cu Ft 220/50/1+
3 Door Upright Quick Freezer QF72 1975x880x2095 61 Cu Ft 220/50/1+