Electric Cake Oven


“The Leego Electric Oven is one of the most popular products among our product range. Advanced digital control and analog option are available for different applications;
which targeting to provide simple and precise working environment for Chefs. The temparature setting can be adjusted with one-easy-turn of the rotary knob or one simple touch the control panel. Programmable functions for all digital control models become the best and reliable assistant in the kitchen for Chefs.

Moreover, the stackable design of the Leego ovens are convenient for limited spacing. Various accessories are vailable for different baking purpose.”

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Manufacturer’s website: http://www.ypt.com.hk/eng/productlist.asp
descriptionmodeldimensionscapacity / powervoltage / electric
1 Deck Electric cake oven RN-3809E1 1394x1120x600 2 x (18''x26'') tray 400/50/3+
2 Deck Electric cake oven RN-3809E2 1394x1120x1000 4 x (18''x26'') tray 400/50/3+
3 Deck Electric cake oven RN-3809E3 1394x1120x1650 6 x (18''x26'') tray 400/50/3+