Compact Drawer


“Just 450 mm wide, Adande Compact units provide convenient storage next to griddle and fry stations. Compacts have many other uses, from refrigerated upright bottle storage to frozen ices and, being small and easy to move, are ideal for outside catering. The unit also comes with these unique features:
1)    Flexible temperature: the unit can be set anywhere from -20 to +15. You can store your entire menu in these units and cater to any seasonal menu changes without changing your kitchen operation. The unit can become a chiller, freezer or blast chiller (optional) at a switch of a button.
2)    Reduced energy : 40-60% less electricity used when compare to traditional fridges.
3)    Lower maintenance cost: Up to 40% savings. Less spare parts, easier to clean.
4)    Temperature stability: longer shelf life, high quality of food. Extensive R&D has been done by KFC UK to prove that even during peak hours, the temperature of Adande fridges are stable. (temperature fluctuation in traditional fridges around 20-40%).”

  • BrandAdande
  • ModelVCC
  • Dimension LxWxH (mm.)450 x 800 x 800
  • Capacity2 x 1/1 GN (200mm, 100mm deep)
  • Voltage220/50/1

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