Built-in Induction Cooker


Induction is a high frequency induction coil mounted underneath the ceramic top plate which heats the cooking utensil by magnetic friction. During cooking, no energy is lost between the hob & the food. Heating stops immediately when the unit is switched off or the pan is removed from the ceramic top.

Pre-cise has a wide variety of buil-in induction cookers, differing in power. Built-in hobs are incorporated within the interior design of your restaurant to make your cooking apparatus feel part of your furniture package.

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Manufacturer’s website: http://www.profitind.com/index.html
descriptionmodeldimensionscapacity / powervoltage / electric
Single Hob 1kw Induction Cooker BI-1000NT 360x380x77 1 KW 220/50/1+
Single Hob 2kw Induction Cooker BI-2000NT 360x380x79 2 KW 220/50/1+
Single Hob 3.5kw Induction Cooker BI-3500 385x385x147 3.5 KW 220/50/1+
Single Hob 5kw Induction Cooker BI-5000N 400x400x190 5 KW 400/50/3+
Double Hob 3.5kw x 2 Induction Cooker BID-3500 450x700x148 3.5 x 2 KW 400/50/3+