40 Kg Spiral Mixer

SKU: K32-0401AB4

“Robust built reliable spiral mixer for bread dough mixing.

● Dual motors to control spiral arm and mixing bowl respectively
● Mixing bowl may be set to rotate either forward or backward
● Gear driven with 2-speed mixing
● Spiral arm and mixing bowl are designed with a perfect driving fit, even small volume of dough can be handled
● Overload relay to protect motor and transmission components
● Interlocked bowl guard switch for safe operation
● Made with long-lasting and chip-resistant enamel paint”

  • BrandKolb
  • ModelK32-0401AB4
  • Dimension LxWxH (mm.)545 x 907 x 1029/1414
  • Capacity40 Kg Mixer
  • Voltage400/50/3

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Manufacturer’s website: http://www.kolbcn.com/