Peeler (6115)

9kg Potato Peeler

  • Brand : Hobart
  • Model : 6115

Capacity: 15-20 lbs (7-9kgs)
with 5-minute timer
Motor: 1/3 HP (0.25 kW)
AC 220/50/1
Made in USA
Peel Trap

Hobart peelers free up hours of your employees’ time while peeling literally loads more potatoes. With a stainless steel drive shaft and housing, they minimize waste and increase portions per load of potatoes or almost any root vegetable. Each unit is easy to use and clean with simple switches, a removable silicon carbide-abrasive disk and Lexan liner, heavy-duty polyester plastic hopper cover, and water inlets for thorough washing.

  • BrandHobart
  • Model6115
  • Dimension LxWxH (mm.)16 1/2''x21''x24 1/2''
  • Capacity15-20 lbs potatoes in 3 minutes
  • Voltage220/50/1

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