Hot Water Dispenser

Hot Water Dispenser

  • Brand : YPT
  • Model : WM


“Instant Mate’s Instantaneous Water Boiler marks the beginning of a new era in water boilers. With the latest technology and the most advanced design, it is fully monitored by an electronic monitoringsystem which guarantees the temperature of the water dispensed is always within the bacteria-free temperature range. This serves the need of a continuous supply of hot water in contemporary catering services.
INSTANT-MATE is proud to present the Instantaneous Water Boilers for a quicker, more durable and energy-efficient mode to serve water.”

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Equipment Type Model Dimensions (mmH) Capacity / Power Electric Connection
23L water boiler WM-30 300x282x463 23.5 L 220/50/1 +
90L water boiler WM-80 340x225x631 90 L 220/50/1 +
166L water boiler WM-100 510x310x930 166.5 L 220/50/1 +